A day at the office

A day at the office

The first action of the day is to lift the blinds and check the state of the sea. This sets the tone for the day – calm, stormy, grey, blue, lively, mill pond.

The second action is to feed the office cat – James Clerk Maxwell McCat, known to his friends as Jim.

Inevitably there will be WordPress plugin updates to install and some general administrative tasks.

Around 11am it’s time for a break – a cup of coffee taken out to the sea front where Fife Council has helpfully provided a range of park benches of various sizes and designs. It help to take the binoculars with you because invariably there is a bird or a boat or something floating in the sea that can’t quite be made out with the naked eye. Occasionally it’s a grey seal, usually it’s just a float from a lobster creel.

Some websites are an essential part of working here:

  • Tides4Fishing¬†for the weather forecast and the state of the tide
  • Marine Traffic to help with the identification of passing boats, ships and the occasional oil platform.
  • Scottish Birds for bird identification

After a bit more work it’s time for lunch. This may mean a trip up the wynd to stock up on bread from or lunch out at Funky Scottish or The Cocoa Tree.

Karon McBride

Writer, consultant, founder of the Greenflower Guild, an innovative design collective, and Astrantium Publishing, publisher of eBooks and audiobooks.

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