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This is the hosting you need. Friendlier, easier web hosting plans with managed WordPress installations and a choice of single site or multisite set up. Email & phone support. Search engine optimisation.

Astrantium Hosting

WordPress Hosting

We specialise in websites with SEO support and social media integration for small businesses and charities.

Support Plans

Design support plans. Email & phone support. Monthly reports to help you ensure your content and infrastructure is secure, accessible and current.

Design or Redesign

Whether you need to move an existing website or build a new one, we can help. Migration from other systems. Website rescues.


php tweaks

We code a bit when the mood takes us. We’re not out-and-out developers but if your site just needs a little tweak we can help. Ask us for a quote.

PayPal button fixes

Hey, it’s a skill, and not everyone can do it. If your PayPal button no longer works we can probably fix it. Try us.

Mobile Optimisation

At least 25% of your visitors will be viewing your website on a smart phone. How does your site look on a mobile device? We can help you move your content to a structure that works regardless of device.

Website Rescue

Technology moves on and websites start to look dated – or even stop working properly. We can migrate and rescue your existing content so you don’t need to start again from scratch or pay for a completely new design. Ask us for a quote.

Free ice cream

Visit the office in Fife and we’ll buy you a free ice cream (provided the ice cream shop is open!

Book a Free Consultation?

…or know a little more about us?


We started Astrantium Hosting because clients were telling us that finding good hosting for their websites was just too stressful. Recent changes in technology had resulted in their established websites looking outdated and people are increasingly using smartphones which don’t display traditional sidebar layouts well. Jumping from page to page isn’t good on a smartphone either – the advice use to be ‘don’t make them scroll.’  The advice now should be ‘don’t make them jump.’ Boo!

It’s also worth noting that Google now gives a higher score to secure sites. If your site address starts http:// instead of https:// you should consider an update. If you or your developer haven’t kept up with updates or patches to the underlying content management system you may find you are losing some functionality.

So, there you are, you’ve got a website and changes have become necessary but there doesn’t seem to be anything on offer between an expensive redesign by a developer or a scary shift to a do-it-yourself approach. That’s where Astrantium comes in. We offer friendly hosting and lots of help to migrate your existing content or start a completely new site. Let’s start with a chat over Skype (or the telephone) to talk about your website and what we can do to help you.

Here’s a list of features you might want to achieve…

  • All the key information moved to the front page
  • A fluid layout that works on phones, tablets and laptops
  • Easier content management and more control
  • SSL certification
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • eCommerce, ebooks or digital downloads
  • Members-only areas
  • Responsive designs
  • Google My Business support
  • Social Media integration
  • Mail Chimp integration
  • e-Commerce
  • Customer helpdesk

Our Hosting and Design Plans


Do with it what you will: we set it up and you build the front end with our friendly support

  • WordPress set up
  • Essential plugins suite
  • Email support


Tell us what you need and we'll build you a small but perfectly formed informational website connected to Google Maps and your social media accounts

  • WordPress set up
  • Essential plugins suite
  • Email and telephone support
  • One-page design
  • Google My Business admin
  • Social Media integration
  • Newsletter signups


You imagine it and we build and manage it. Provide online solutions for your customers.

  • Shop sales
  • Gift Voucher sales
  • Appointment bookings
  • Table reservations
  • Equipment hire
  • Digital downloads

Astrantium News

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If you are starting a new business or non-profit, and you’ve decided on a name for it, register the domain name(s) and set up a simple site with a holding screen. Apart from protecting the name from cybersquatters, it is…

Jim the Office Cat

Jim is a large grey fluffy cat of a Russian Blue persuasion. He takes his work very seriously and will lie across the keyboard if he can. To stop him doing this a wicker box has been provided (a drawer…

A day at the office

The first action of the day is to lift the blinds and check the state of the sea. This sets the tone for the day – calm, stormy, grey, blue, lively, mill pond. The second action is to feed the…


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